Thursday, March 29, 2007


It Finally Happened!!!

Last night T & I got our VERY FIRST candy bar selling girl at our door!!!

It was SO exciting! I have never had anyone come to our door (since we lived in apts in a college town) to sell us delicious sugary treats! So of course we spent all the cash we had - which thank goodness was only $5 - on candy bars we don't need but just HAD to get!

We bought twizzlers (YAY), carmello, a couple Reese's peanut butter cups, and a kit kat! I seriously LOVE this house thing!!

I think we are going to keep a few dollars out in the living room so the next time a little candy selling person comes to our door we will once again be ready to buy! (of course I am sure this will get old eventually - but I am currently LOVING it!!)


I always miss the little kiddies when they stop by. Sometimes Billy or Bob or Missy are home. Last night someone stopped by, it was a guy collecting money for his church - and handing out gigantic Pixis Sticks. I personally love the kids who'll mow your yard for $10!
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